Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's *Finally* Join The McCartney's With Meatless Mondays.

The McCartney's Meat Free Monday Website

I was driving though Laurel Canyon last night and heard Jackson Browne singing, "Oh Lord - Are there really people starving still??" It burned into me. That was 1976.  Thirty-five years ago. Seriously? 

Seriously. Many of us have dabbled in vegetarianism or veganism, only to revert back to our carnivorous ways for various reasons. There's no reason why we can't join the Meatless Mondays campaign. There are several of them, actually.

We all know the reasons to at least cut back on meat consumption, aside from animal cruelty issues, which are obvious and which we all try not to think about, or think of as the price of being at the top (more or less) of the food chain - with a conscience.

If every family would cut back one day a week, four days a month, 52 days a year, there would be a startling positive impact on the planet, on our own health, and help address those "people starving still."

Johns Hopkins' Meatless Monday Website
Meat is such a wasteful way to get our nutrients - the water, the land necessary to raise all those animals... I don't think I need to go into all the stats about that here. Click on either of the links above and you can learn all the scientific reasons reducing meat intake is a good idea.

And Meatless Monday is actually catching on. Some school and hospital cafeterias, including those at UC Davis and Yale now have meat free Mondays. It's a movement!

Let's do it. It can't be that hard. We all have meat free days, we just need to think about it a little more and schedule them for Mondays, then share with our families, friends and coworkers, people in the market, the restaurants we frequent, etc., what we're doing.

Let the kids (spouses, room-mates) get involved in choosing their favorite meat free dishes. Put it on the calendar so that it's a 'thing' to look forward to.

If you need ideas to get you started, click on the links above, but you probably already have enough vegetarian meals in your repertoire to get started.

HuffPostGreen, which I'm more than a little embarrassed to admit I just discovered, has a great weekly Meatless Monday section with recipes, too.

In fact, I just added a Meat Free Mondays page to this blog (up top), starting with what we're eating today. Tell me what you're doing on your meatless Mondays. Inspire me!

If you don't start today, don't worry. Try to aim for next week.

By the way, I lied on my new Meat Free Mondays page, already. I'm not eating cereal this morning. I'm just chomping on trail mix, and I have to go shopping if I'm having a bagel sandwich, which I may... but you get the idea.
Meat with mine, please. 
Alright, I have to go feed the cat (who will not be participating in Meat Free Mondays) and put on a sweater and/or turn up the heat. It may be Hollywood, but it's freaking cold in here! And dang if I didn't just think that I chipped a tooth or something. I just chewed on a piece of hard nut shell in my trail mix. That blows - 'Ralph's Mt. High Raw Mix!'  I think I will have that Special K.

Let me know how it goes...  ; )
Good luck.



  1. This is great !!! How fantastic !!

  2. Just love it! Ma Cokie boy must have his meat cos he is a growing boy and has a young wifey - ME!!!



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