About Boho Kids

Boho/Bohemian: Cool, open-minded, free-spirited, adventurist, artistic, intellectual individuals with unconventional lifestyles; can also apply to an unconventional, relaxed, romantic, or 'hippie' style of dress.

Boho Kids™ is a blog by and for the parents, relatives and friends of cool bohemian kids. You don't sell Avon - not that there's anything wrong with that - and you watch more Jon Stewart than Fox News, if you own a TV at all.  ; )  

Our goal is to help you keep abreast of all the great kid stuff you'd read, see, do, know, if you had the time, but which, having children, parents, jobs and lives, you may miss or forget about.

A lot of parents these days have had children later in life, come from homes where they never learned some of the traditions they'd like to build with their own families (or would like to create their own), or really don't know what's expected of them and their kids at school, neighborhood etiquette, etc. What's politically correct and what's too much to push on a five year old? Don't forget kids have to take Valentine's Day cards to school for their whole class!  ; )  

Please help us make this blog helpful to you, as well as a joy and comfort to read. Comment or email me with feedback, ideas, suggestions. Share what you do with your kids, what you wouldn't recommend, what you love and what they don't.

I'll also be doing reviews and giveaways - but only of things we love and that we think you and/or your kids will, too.  If you have a product or service you think we'll adore, email me at [Kristin at bohokids dot com].

We look forward to meeting you, and want to make this space comfortable, fun and informative. Please join our community!    

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