Meatless Mondays

Please post your Meatless Monday ideas & *easy* recipes here.
For the sake of argument, and to ease into this gently, let's go with the Linda McCartney version of Vegetarianism that allows dairy and eggs.  ; ) 

My first Meatless Monday will be pretty basic:
Breakfast: Cereal with milk. Toast with butter. Orange juice. (That wasn't so hard.)
Lunch: Veggie Bagel Sandwich - I got this in Hawaii once. Any kind of bagel, cut in half and made into a sandwich with avocado, swiss cheese, alfalfa sprouts, tomato and pesto. (Kids' bagels may need to be more basic!), and a Coke Zero. (I didn't say I was giving up my Diet Cokes yet!)
Dinner: Bruschetta, Cheese Lasagna, Italian salad (no meat!) and milk or a nice glass of wine. (No wine for kids.)
Dessert: Cheesecake!
Snacks: Fruit and Crackers.

So what will you be having?


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