Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Online Story Time

Barnes and Noble has a great online story time. Kids can follow along with the pages of the books shown online (or follow along with their own books at home, if they have them) as authors or celebrities read them out loud. 

This month's story is "Ladybug Girl at the Beach," read by the authors Jacky Davis & David Soman.

Ladybug Girl at the Beach
Jacky Davis and David Soman

They have some really great classic kids' books, too.

Some of the stories you can choose from are:
Where the Wild Things Are
Crash! Smash! (My nephew's favorite when he was 5.)
Green Eggs & Ham, read by Rachel Ray
Polar Express
And six more, with a new story added each month.

And it's free. You don't have to sign in. Nothing. Just pick a story and watch/listen.

Super awesome.


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